Nov 06, 2021

What's New on Algorand? Decipher is Coming, Dept Launches Platform for Creating an NFT Marketplace on Algorand & More

By: Algorand

Decipher is Coming on Nov 29-30, 2021 (Miami, FL & Online)

Decipher is a two-day gathering that will feature several topics Algorand builders, businesses and innovators will want to learn about. Many of the top leaders and entrepreneurs in blockchain are set to speak at the event such as:

  • Michael Arrington, Founder of Arrington Capital
  • Meltem Demiors, Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares
  • Anthony Scaramucci, Founder and Managing Partner of SkyBridge Capital
  • Perianne Boring, Founder & President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce

And many more! In-person tickets for those joining live in Miami are sold out, however, virtual general admission tickets are still available. Those interested in signing up may do so here.

Dept Launches Open Source Platform for Creating an NFT Marketplace on Algorand

NFT sales are soaring, but many brands lack an easy way to launch their own NFT marketplace. That's why the launch of the first open source, white-label solution for launching an NFT marketplace using the Algorand blockchain will open up new opportunities for brands looking to engage with their customers in more meaningful ways. 

The platform, called AlgoMart, removes the complexity around launching an NFT marketplace by offering modular tools, integrated payments & more.

As pointed out by David Markley, Director of Business Solutions at Algorand, AlgoMart is a welcome “state-of-the-art platform that removes complexity for brands to more fully incorporate NFTs into their businesses.”

IBF Net Group’s Benevolence Platform to Use Algorand for Charitable Actions

The Islamic Business and Finance Network (IBF Net) announced the launch of Benevolence, a platform dedicated to benevolent action benefiting deserving projects through donations and volunteering. The project is based on the ideology of “sadaqah,” which recognizes the importance of donating one’s time and finances to humanitarian causes.

Though leveraging Algorand’s technology, Benevolence seeks to address issues that stem from the lack of blockchain-based charity functions including:

  • Low transparency
  • Volunteer time not being accurately measured
  • Resources not used to their best extent

Vesta Equity is Leveraging Algorand to Provide Home Equity Financing

Vesta Equity is leveraging the Algorand blockchain to give homeowners a chance to establish additional wealth through their properties without selling or renting them out. Vesta Equity is now seeking individuals looking to have their properties be part of its official launch. Through Vesta Equity, owners will:

  • Leverage the value of their homes to their own advantage
  • Gain access to specialized tools and market data to manage their assets
  • Use equity from their homes to cover other purchases

Those looking to pre-register may do so here. There is no commitment, and early members can earn as much as $50,000 in home equity without paying fees. Announces Another Major Integration with Algorand!

Crypto E-commerce platform is ecstatic to announce it has integrated with Algorand, making the blockchain’s native ALGO currency the newest payment method compatible with their service and enabling all ALGO holders the ability to purchase items from popular E-commerce sites like Amazon (US, UK, Australia, Brasil, India and more), eBay, Walmart, and Etsy.

ALGO holders will enjoy a 2% discount on free packages and up to 12% discount for $SPI holders on checkout!

Join the INNOVATE Global Hackathon!

The INNOVATE Global Hackathon is perfect for those looking to build atop the Algorand blockchain. What’s better than competing for financial prizes while putting your development skills to good use?

Those taking part can join one of three categories:

  • Open Track: This sector is for those with ideas and products that don’t fit any specified criteria. One can build and submit any distributed application (dApp) so long as it’s designed using Algorand’s technology.
  • The Future of Finance (FutureFi) Track: If you have an idea for a superb financial product, this is the category for you. Use Algorand’s powerful blockchain to develop and submit a product that will disrupt and better the globe’s monetary ecosystem.
  • Digital Art/ Collectibles Track: If you really want to let your imagination flow, consider this third option. Build unique digital representations of valued assets that are forever recorded to our network. These assets can include original art, memes, comics, and anything else your creative spirit can conjure up.

Participants can win over $100,000 worth of prizes: 

  • Grand prize: 40,000 USDC (USD Coin)
  • Second place: 20,000 USDC
  • Open Track first place: 10,000 USDC
  • FutureFi first place: 10,000 USDC
  • Digital Art/ Collectibles first place: 10,000 USDC

An additional 10,000 USDC will be split among 50 other teams submitting projects. Those interested in registering can do so here.

Meet the First-Ever Algorand 13th Drone Racing Pilot

Say hello to Manuel Garcia (MANNYH!MSF), a professional drone racer with the Drone Racing League. As the first Algorand 13th pilot, Manny was on standby if another pilot couldn’t race. That day arrived in late October and he placed 2nd… Not bad for Manny's first time out!

Manny embodies the skill, speed and technical knowhow shared by Algorand and the Drone Racing League. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Manny and wish him well as the race continues!